It threatened rain for this shoot all week – and I am so happy we didn’t reschedule! The colors on that beach are what Florida summers are made of (along with the mosquitos in the park!). Congratulations, Laura and Will! I cannot wait for your wedding!

When you have a pediatric ER nurse and a firefighter getting married you know you are going to have two of the sweetest people in front of the camera. Bethany and Kyle are planning a marriage, not just a wedding. I love that my brides and grooms have adopted this approach and I am so excited for their wedding in July!

I have known Corey for a little over 19 years. I haven’t known Sarah for nearly as long, (going on 2 months?!) but I love them together. I love the security in the way they hold one another, how they laugh it off with ease and the apparent respect they share.¬†I can’t wait for their Colorado wedding next year! Film: Fuji 400h Processing and Scanning: Photovision