There is something so magical to me about this engagement shoot. It may be the way the fog falls off into nothing, the way the rain glows, or the way Christa’s pink dress dances in the wind. But I’m certain part of it is the way Christa and Yinka’s love draws you into their story and their joy. Congratulations, Christa and Yinka!

This is my favorite time of year for sunrises. I was so happy Emma and Nick were willing to get out of bed to enjoy this stunning sunrise! I have never laughed so hard during an engagement shoot. Their energy and love was palpable as they joked and shared stolen glances. Congratulations, Emma and Nick! I cannot wait for your wedding next October!

This past Sunday was the perfect evening for a beach trip to watch the sunset. The temperature was just amazing. We don’t get too many days like that in Florida, so we try to enjoy them when we can. Sage got SO excited to be at the beach. The pictures may fool you, but she really wanted nothing to do with the camera. She played in the sand until she discovered the water. Her excitement over the cool water washed away quickly… Read more »

I had so much fun spending Emma’s first time at the beach with her! She wasn’t too keen on the sand, especially when it got all over her face, but she was just as sweet as ever throughout the day!