This past Friday, I gave Sage her first set of pigtails and realized just what it meant to have a daughter. I was giddy over the extreme adorableness. It meant this this weeks Sundays with Sage HAD to feature pigtails! We took her down to Marywood after Mass to take a few pictures with her new do and she fell in love with a statue of baby Jesus. This girl is seriously the sweetest.

Happy First Anniversary, Liz and Brandon! I am so happy that Alex and I got to be a part of your amazing wedding. You two are so beautiful and in love, it’s amazing and refreshing to watch. I still love looking through your photos and remembering what a gorgeous affair it was. Congratulations! We love you!

I love the families where the kids are all grown up. Siblings begin to respect each other a bit more (although they’d never say it!) and parents are just so happy to have all their kids together smiling and pretending that they like each other. This family portrait session at Marywood is the perfect example of this!