This week was a busy week. Constantly running around from MyGym, play dates, yoga, and a multitude of errands. I’m pretty sure Sage’s social calendar is busier than mine has ever been. On Wednesday we got together with these two cuties. I told Sage to make a cute face and this is what we got… And by some miracle, these three played together all at the same time! We signed Sage up for MyGym this week. And She LOVES it…. Read more »

Most days this week, I put the camera down. Sage, Alex and I lived in the moment. We went to the playground, the pool, and had playdates with her friends. And I barely took out the camera. In fact, the only time I took the camera with me when we left the house was for Sage’s Aunt Mimi’s birthday party. It was lovely to just enjoy her and watch her through the eyes of a mother instead of the eyes… Read more »

I LOVE when a couple gets creative with their engagement shoot – whether it is to make it personal, fun or unique. Angelika and Edward did all three of those! Angelika made adorable shirts for her and Edward to wear. After a little time of staying clean, they got into a color war! ACK! Just take a look!!!    

A few days after capturing Greg’s proposal to Sarah (and her YES!) we got back together to do some engagement pictures in St. Augustine. We were met with a gorgeous sunrise, a few sprinkles of rain for good luck, and a beautiful morning. Congratulations, again, Sarah and Greg! Alex and I are so happy for you both!

Greg first reached out to me to capture his proposal to Sarah over a month ago. Given Sarah’s love for lighthouses, he knew he would be proposing on the sunset tour at the top of the lighthouse. After a few phone calls discussing logistics, Alex and I could not wait for Sunday to arrive! (I’m sure we were slightly less excited than, Greg was, however!) When Sunday evening finally arrived, we climbed the stairs of the lighthouse with the threat… Read more »