Happy first anniversary, Katrina & Greg! (Also, each time I have started typing the name “Greg” my fingers type out “Great” instead, which is only fitting because Katrina and Greg are really great.) Alex and I still reminisce about your gorgeous wedding – one of my favorite ones to date. For you two, your wedding was all about celebrating your love with the ones you love. It was so beautiful to watch two families become one. I am so happy… Read more »

Happy First Anniversary, Brittany and Bill! It was so much fun to be a part of your stunning zoo wedding. Every detail was so thoughtfully planned by both of you. Your commitment to each other was apparent during each meeting. Every consideration you made was with the other person in mind. I love seeing a relationship like that. It’s about teamwork, love, and thoughtfulness – traits you clearly possess. Congratulations, again! I am so happy for you two!

Happy First Anniversary, Liz and Brandon! I am so happy that Alex and I got to be a part of your amazing wedding. You two are so beautiful and in love, it’s amazing and refreshing to watch. I still love looking through your photos and remembering what a gorgeous affair it was. Congratulations! We love you!

Happy First Anniversary to Ashley and Tim! Alex and I love to reminisce about your faith and fun filled wedding day. May the joy and love you share for one another be always rooted in Christ. Enjoy that first anniversary cake as much as you did on your wedding day. 🙂 Thank you for including us in your special day. I’m so blessed to have been a part of it.