I absolutely fell in love with this couple’s easy personality and wonderful admiration of one another from the moment I met them. Their day was perfect – complete with a sunny breezy day and a gorgeous full moon that skipped across the water. It was clear this day was smiled upon. Congratulations, Mary and Parker!

4 thoughts on “Mary ♥ Parker – Club Continental Wedding


    The pictures are wonderful! You are right about Parker and Mary – they are such a great couple. Of course, I could be a little prejudice, being Parker’s Mom!


  2. Shelly

    Wonderful couple and a beautiful wedding captured by an awesome photographer. Thank you for all your help and guidance during the event besides your picture taking and thank you so much for capturing some fabulous memories!


  3. Mary Fischer

    I loved looking at every picture. What a beautiful album! So many wonderful memories of a very special day. So happy for Parker and Mary!


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