I have the unique position to meet so many different couples. To watch them interact and to get the smallest snippet of who they are while I explore various areas of Jacksonville with a camera and two people in love. Jennifer and Andrew stand out to me with their very real and apparent love to be around each other. They spent this hot, sticky, Florida summer morning whispering, laughing and holding hands in such a natural way, that I believe if my camera had been tucked away at home, these smiles still would have shone as bright. Congratulations, Jennifer and Andrew!

3 thoughts on “Jennifer ♥ Andrew – RIverside and Intuition Aleworks Engagement

  1. Colleen Benton

    Great pics! Congratulations on your engagement…Jenny, you look sooooo happy. Can’t wait to meet Andrew.
    Love, Connie


  2. Carol Pontz

    Beautiful pictures of a very happy couple. Hope all the wedding plans are falling into place. I know it can be a great time making plans for your special day. Enjoy every minute of it. It looks like you are having a great time together and the pictures show how much in love you are. Love Aunt Carol


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